Project Overview:

360 Treasury Systems AG (360T AG) is an independent and globally-established trading venue with more than 250 employees and more than 50 different nationalities worldwide. As Deutsche Börse Group’s FX unit, 360T provides a web-based trading technology for over-the-counter (OTC) instruments, integration solutions and related services. We stand for innovation in the FX market. We are a dynamic company full of motivation, enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude. Our team consists of fast thinking and entrepreneurial minds who like to challenge the status quo and drive the company forward.

As a Software Test Engineer, you must ensure that all changes are functionally verified including regression testing to make sure existing functionality is not broken. You will be playing a key role in testing 360T platform early in SDLC and ensure that the software is released with optimal quality. You will be working with the development and test team to develop test suite, build / maintain functional & regression test cases and contribute for various quality assurance and testing initiatives.

Рекрутинг лід
Анастасія Кісельова
  • Convert requirements into functional test scenarios;
  • Break down complicated changes into an overall testing scope explained in clear, succinct and effective terms;
  • Create Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and manage them efficiently to monitor the requirements and test progress;
  • Identify risks that have an impact on the scope, resources, time, budget and quality and report it immediately;
  • Adapting to changing requirements and manage them efficiently in testing;
  • Report accurately on the test activities in a timely fashion;
  • Create test cases that are manageable and identify regression scope that must be repeated for the upcoming releases;
  • Appropriate documentation of test evidence and documentation of overall feature for future regression test scope or automation testers;
  • Perform functional testing for 360T platform and its integration components as and when required;
  • Document to be prepared with high standards and updated in 360T internal portals that can be used for future references;
  • Knowledge and insights to be proactively shared with colleagues.
  • Graduate with a good, relevant business or technical degree or similar level;
  • Over 5 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Testing;
  • Experience in testing banking (Fintech) platforms is a must;
  • Experience in testing Trading will be a +;
  • Experience in testing Financial (specifically in Investment Banking) applications is preferred;
  • Good analytical and reasoning skills;
  • Unix/Linux skills and understanding of Java-based technology are beneficial.

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