Project Overview:

Intellias Global Marketing team is looking for a creative communications superstar to help us efficiently implement corporate social media and video/multimedia marketing strategy. You will be part of a professional Communications team and work closely with designers, industry experts, and multimedia vendors. Your main goal will be to make the world recognize Intellias mission, "We breathe life into great ideas with the power of digital technology," with the help of unique & professional creative campaigns for social media and video marketing. 

Анастасія Гладун
  • Develop and execute cross-platform social media & video marketing strategies aligned with the Global Marketing objectives;
  • Scale key social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Behance, and others; Build social reach and engagement with the target audience daily to increase brand awareness;
  • Suggest new data-led ideas for social growth to attract prospective customers; create unique and adapt existing content in various formats for social media according to the established tone of voice;
  • End-to-end video production (from idea development and script/creatives selection & preparation to vendor management and promo campaign implementation);
  • Organize and manage video and photo shooting, podcast recordings remotely and in-person to ensure high quality of the end materials;
  • Work with the design team and multimedia vendors on creating engaging visual and video assets and discovering new formats; Partner with various teams (Content, Digital, Brand, Tech Office, etc.) to build integrated campaigns and ad-hoc activities. Align with the Talent Marketing department to make sure we consistently represent Intellias as a wholistic brand for different personas;
  • Analyze competitors and create comprehensive regular reports on performance and results for social media and video campaigns; prepare recommendations for better visual performance of ads and other creative campaigns;
  • Develop a social media advocacy program for the Intellias community.
  • At least 2 years of proven and relevant experience in SMM and video marketing, preferably in a tech company or a digital agency;
  • Confident English user with an exquisite sense of language style; excellent communication skills;
  • Experience in working with corporate-flavored audiences for global markets (US, Europe, Middle East);
  • Strong data-led creativity skills and a well-developed sense of visual style;   
  • Desire to experiment and implement new processes;
  • Vivid interest in the latest global technology trends and key Intellias verticals, including Retail, BFSI, Telco & Media, Automotive, and others;
  • Self-driven professional with the ability to analyze numbers and metrics and turn them into action items.



Higher Education:
  • Bachelor’s Degree/Master’s Degree/MBA.

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