Project Overview:

Our project is related to the automotive domain. The client is developing a cutting-edge product for cars of the next generation. The project's main goal is to develop a system that is going to take data from the camera, match the position based on the camera data on the road, combine such position with map data and provide speed limits for the end-user based on position even if the car doesn't have any built-in navigation system. Location may be taken by the client from the server. 

Technology Stack:

  • Java, C++, Python;
  • CI (Jenkins), Gerrit/Git;
  • Docker, Kubernetes,Redis;
  • Spring Boot framework;
  • Networking;
  • Embedded systems;
  • Debugging tools gdb, Valgrind, etc.
Христина Міленіна
  • Write unit tests for the existing code;
  • Create, execute and report tests for the project's non-functional requirements on the reference hardware (Raspberry PI running on Yocto builds);
  • Porting the existing system tests to the reference hardware;
  • Creating new system tests for project requirements on the reference hardware;
  • Support with release testing and manual verification;
  • Write a highly optimized Java code.
  • 4+ years of software development experience;
  • Cucumber(BDD Framework);
  • Proven proficiency in Java, OO design;
  • Hands-on with Docker, Kubernetes;
  • Experience automotive segment & SDK;
  • Experience in Python scripting;
  • Git, Gitlab expertise;
  • Experience working within distributed and multi-cultural teams;
  • Solid experience with Agile methodology, Scrum, and Kanban frameworks;
  • Product-centric and user-centric approach to understanding the problems and scientific approach to solving them;
  • Experience compiling for QNX;
  • Good knowledge of data structures, and API design principles;
  • Passionate about programming;
  • Experienced in the overall software engineering process, i.e. analysis, implementation, test, and documentation;
  • Readiness to learn new technologies and business domains;
  • Self-motivated, well-organized, detail-oriented, and a very strong team player;
  • Very good communication skills in English, both written and spoken.
Nice to have:
  • C++ experience (writing unit tests for an existing code);
  • Gtest usage;
  • Participation in Open Source projects and communities;
  • Experience in working with embedded systems and hardware;
  • Experience of working with CI, Jenkins;
  • Experience with AWS.


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