Project Overview:

Our client is one one the biggest is one of the market leader in the tourism industry with main focus in business travels.
The core of the business is the pure mediation of hotels to private and business travelers.

Our Client’s cloud platform team is building the next generation of tools empowering application developers to build products that surprise and delight their customers. The cloud platform team is responsible for the cutting edge of continuous integration and delivery systems that developers utilize to build, test, and deploy their code. The Client is a fast-paced, cross-functional organization with results-oriented goals, a strong user base, and a wide leash to build the future of developer tooling. Their systems should scale globally, remain highly available, and "just work”.

We're looking for hardworking individuals to join us in powering a new way of developing software - and to build the Client’s Internal Developer Platform. The Internal Developer Platform is a foundation of self-service APIs, tools, services, knowledge, and support which are arranged as a compelling internal product to improve our developers' experience. Autonomous application development teams can make use of the platform to deliver product features at a higher pace with reduced coordination. Technology is only a part of the platform; we rather consider the IDP a product with the development teams being its customers: Roadmaps, guided evolution, documentation, concern for developer experience, and appropriate encapsulation of underlying complexity are all key parts of an effective delivery platform for our development teams. Whereas the application development teams are responsible for the 'build & run' of their applications within their AWS accounts, the IDP team has a holistic view on the entire AWS ecosystem and provides the development teams with a platform - the IDP - which includes standards, tooling, and self-services for the application development teams.

Олена Сєрокурова
  • Develop AWS IaaC platform, participate in Migration;
  • Implement automation, focus on the serverless approach;
  • Development and improvement of СI/ CD pipelines for developer productivity increase;
  • Implement logging, monitoring, and alerting solutions, increasing systems visibility, and enabling faster recovery from incidents;
  • Automate systems management, focusing on performance and scalability, improving utilization, and reducing toil;
  • Ensure all services and solutions designed are built in adherence to PMI’s InfoSec policies and are fully industrialized for consumption by customers and technology groups;
  • Optimize systems for performance and scalability, building infrastructure and eliminating work through automation;
  • Management of cloud architectures guaranteeing high availability, top performance, and reliability;
  • Be involved in engineering and applications operations;
  • Work in a data driven environment to set, monitor and meet ambitious quality.
  • Experience with AWS;
  • IaaC Terraform;
  • Experience of running CI/CD frameworks, tools (Gitlab preferred);
  • Containerization experience, Docker;
  • Experience with implementation of Identity & Access Management (IAM);
  • Experience of integrating monitoring and alerting technologies, such as New Relic, CloudWatch and Elasticsearch;
  • Scripting experience;
  • Basic Network knowledge;
  • Good Knowledge of Agile methodologies;
  • English – Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate (both verbal and written).
Nice to have:
  • Experience in configuration management via Ansible, Puppet or others;
  • Demonstrable experience of integrating and industrializing technology platforms (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) on a global scale reducing operational and process waste;
  • Coding experience Python, node.js, Java, Go, etc. enough to write lambdas, complex automation;
  • Experience with orchestration systems, K8s;
  • Understanding of security and networking principles in a cloud-native environment;
  • SSO integration experience.

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