Project Overview:

While launching a new location, the key responsibility of the Site Manager is project management. It includes the development and execution of a plan for location launch and moving it to production. The scope of project management also includes operational control, collaboration on staffing and training initiatives.The Site Manager also contributes to engaging new prospective clients and projects to the location, in line with the analysis of the existing competencies on the market and the retention of the existing projects and teams.As a member of the working group that launches a new location, the Site Manager helps select a physical office (being the one who best knows the location). As a group member, the Site Manager should proactively facilitate and contribute to the process as much as possible.For the period of opening a new location, the planned workload of the Site Manager should not exceed 50%.

Дарія Ковтун
  • Build from the scratch new delivery center in Columbia;
  • Run end-to-end operational management;
  • Help to create an IT service offering from Columbia for US and Global clients;
  • Ensure the quality of the delivery and effective management of the teams in Columbia;
  • Support sales and marketing teams;
  • Managing a portfolio of projects to ensure its operational performance;
  • Focusing on business growth by proactively supporting sales, marketing, account management, and business functions;
  • Participate in business development activities;
  • Proactive contribution ** into marketing strategy for development center in Columbia;
  • Ensuring marketing has sufficient support in appropriate areas in terms of collateral development;
  • Leading most important presales where we promote our delivery center in LATAM;
  • Managing client relationships and proactively working on up- and cross-sale MSA negotiation along with S&M, AM and Legal functions;
  • Making sure that portfolio performs according to the company expectations, including such aspects as revenue, margin, client satisfaction, employees satisfaction and other KPIs;
  • Includes planning, validating and regularly forecasting financial performance as well as identifying new revenue opportunities, driving revenue recognition, managing efficiencies, driving productivity, and managing the Department successfully while meeting revenue and cost budgets;
  • Defining and managing risks for the dev center in Columbia;
  • Monitoring the risks of dev center and delivery portfolio;
  • Hiring talents into Columbia dev center using internal and external channels;
  • Making sure that externally and internally hired employees are onboarded into the Columbia dev center in the most effective and efficient way;
  • Working closely with employee satisfaction (Pulse Survey) and retention indicators (E-RET), as well as handling employee performance issues;
  • Informing employees of a location about changes and the key company processes;
  • Facilitating the execution of the company processes;
  • Escalating uncertainty cases;
  • Providing feedback to the company leadership on the state of affairs of a location;
  • Promoting location advantages among Delivery Managers and company leadership;
  • Ensuring favorable economic conditions to effectively run the business;
  • Maintaining a comfortable atmosphere for employees in the location (eNPS) jointly with Employee Experience;
  • Engaing new delivery teams to the location and expanding the existing ones by setting up own functions, promoting the location among Delivery Directors and Business Development Managers, facilitating the cooperation with a new location;
  • Promoting the company brand, taking part in local representative events in collaboration with Talent Marketing;
  • Advocating and creating favourable conditions for professional growth of specialists in cooperation with Talent Development and Growth;
  • Ensuring good working conditions and quality administrative services (office management, technical support, travel management, and more) in cooperation with Admin Services.
  • Experience of working in the IT outsourcing industry 10+ years;
  • Experience in leadership positions 5+ years;
  • Experience in operational and general management;
  • Experience in leading 100+ employees;
  • Solid understanding of Columbia IT market;
  • Solid understanding of Columbia laws and legal requirements;
  • Thought leadership and good reputation on the market;
  • Have Columbian citizenship.
Nice to have:
  • Opening own company or office/branch of an international company in Columbia;
  • MBA;
  • Technical Background;
  • Master degree in Computer Science or similar;
  • PMP Certification.

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