Project Overview:

Intellias is undergoing a major digital transformation in terms of its internal systems. To help us speed up and bring our internal processes and services to another level, we are seeking an Enterprise Product Manager who will lead the stream of identifying problems, building new internal products, and revamping our existing portfolio. 

As an Enterprise Product Manager, you will take the leading role and end-to-end responsibility for the development of the product portfolio focused around the Intellias information systems ensuring the company sustainability through business process optimization and automation. 

Олександра Півненко
  • Identify internal users and stakeholders to understand the problems that impact their velocity and quality by developing deep empathy and understanding of their pains;
  • Generate and validate rapidly problem hypotheses;
  • Gather received data to produce ideas for new products and features, including curating ideas and deciding which ones are worth working on;
  • Develop and implement product strategies aligned with the company vision and needs;
  • Create and manage the product roadmap;
  • Launch experiments and create prototypes for product concept proofing;
  • Manage the development of new corporate products from ideas to design, sample production, testing, forecast, cost, implementation, and adoption;
  • Solve product-related problems, make decisions, complete trade-off analysis to stay on track towards business deliverable commitments;
  • Conduct product demos to stakeholders and gather feedback to further improve the products;
  • Be an evangelist of your product to lead, inspire, and influence people inside the organization.
  • 5+ years of experience in product management, product roadmap design and feature development preferably at B2B segment;
  • Proven experience of Customer development and interviews;
  • Proven experience of using the Jobs-to-be-Done and Value Proposition approach;
  • Experience in using data and finding insights for decision making;
  • Passion for experimentation and analysis, which is the next big thing in business management and digital transformation;
  • Great leadership and communication skills: asking questions, active listening, driving team alignment, and influencing without authority across all levels of the organization; 
  • Approach to problems from an inquisitive and scientific perspective, continuous search for data helping make decisions, ability to balance quantitative and qualitative insights;
  • Ability to engage development teams and company leaders in a constructive and collaborative relationship for achieving product and organization goals;
  • Advanced skills in managing stakeholder expectations;
  • Proven record of launching a new product from scratch (or key product functionalities) to the market;
  • Experience in the development of enterprise systems and automation of processes will be a plus.



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