Project Overview:

Intellias is looking for a seasoned leader with a strong technology background, who will shape Intellias technology practices as a part of Intellias technology strategy, in line with a company ambition to become a leading global technology partner.

The position will drive the following technology areas with a mission to set up and run special-purpose offerings, such as those around the creative, niche, and trendy technology: Modern Data Engineering, Cloud, AI/ML, IoT, Cybersecurity, Low Code, UX/UI, Platforms etc.

Among other topics, the scope of work also includes technology trends awareness, thought leadership and support of technology partnerships.

The role will report to VP, Technology.

Ірада Фальсвал
  • Setting up and running global Technology Practices;
  • Design, lead, and manage with the respective leaders the following technology practices -Modern Data Engineering, Cloud, AI/ML, IoT, Cybersecurity, Low Code, UX/UI, Platforms etc;
  • Build technology practices around Intellias existing expertise and drive the creation new expertise with respective Center of Excellences;
  • Alignment of our technology practices across key verticals and domains: Automotive, FinTech, Telecom, Digital;
  • Cooperation with sales enablement on measurement, operational framework and tracking of our technology practices pre-sales and business development efforts;
  • Lead the effective collaboration with sales and account management at both new and existing customers to drive new logos and influence revenue;
  • Extend Technology Offerings portfolio, develop and extend new technology services;
  • Shaping and executing technology practices strategy in close collaboration with the company’s functional leaders;
  • External and internal representation of Intellias vision and roadmap for our technology practices strategy.

We are looking for an experienced leader with hands-on technical background and a proven track record in the same/similar Director level role in a well-established software outsourcing company.

Key qualifications:

  • MSc or PhD Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or another engineering area; additional business or financial education would be an advantage;
  • 10+ years of experience in Software Engineering, Technology Management, Technology Consulting;
  • Profound understanding of large IT outsourcing company "internal kitchen" (governance, processes, org. structure, financial management, etc.);
  • Deep understanding of Solution Architecture, Business Analysis, Product Management, UX Design and other functional areas of software engineering;
  • Deep understanding of modern technology trends and technology itself (IoT, Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, etc.);
  • Lean mindset, combining technology and entrepreneurial skills with core management skills; leadership presence;
  • Advanced level or written and spoken English.



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